For enterprises looking to reduce management complexity and cost

ioControl Storage from Pivot3 Storage is a value-based, high-performance hybrid flash array, which offers the best mix of price & performance available on the market today.

ioControl lets end-users prioritise data and application performance based on business value. Unlike other storage solutions that treat all data the same, Pivot3’s policy-based Quality of Service enable customers to avoid the high cost of all-flash arrays and the inconsistent performance of SSD-based hybrid arrays. By connecting customers to the business value of data, Pivot3’s solutions deliver the predictable application performance end-users require.

Flash storage is addressing the latency inherent with disk drives, enabling end-users to virtualize more, and reduce application response times. But, it’s an inescapable fact that the $/GB of flash is much higher than disk drives. So why do the majority of storage vendors indiscriminately accelerate all data, regardless of its value to their business? All-flash arrays waste money by storing non-critical data in flash, and other hybrid arrays can’t control whether mission-critical or non-critical data accesses flash, leading to unpredictable performance.

At Pivot3 Storage, they understand that not all data is created equal. They’ve designed the Pivot3 N5 Hybrid Flash Array around value-driven data management, which enables an end-user to align the cost of storing and managing their data with its value. The Pivot3 N5 is available in four performance and capacity configurations, each integrated with PCIe flash for more performance and capacity than any other hybrid array. Their Quality of Service (QoS) lets your customer manage performance, allowing them to control what data is stored in flash, and affordably tailoring application performance to match their business priorities.

ioMemory delivers the highest performance, while drive bays are reserved for high capacity disk drives.