Automated penetration testing with the click of a button

A thousand Pen testers at your service. Not on your payroll Focused on the inside threat, Pcysys’ automated penetration testing platform mimics the hacker’s attack – automating the discovery of vulnerabilities and performing ethical exploits, while ensuring an undisrupted network operation. Detailed reports are produced together with proposed remediations, one step ahead of tomorrow’s malicious hacker.

Hold all of your networks to the same PT standard

It is critical to consistently check your security controls and defenses over time, rather than having periodic checkpoints. Pcysys’ automated penetration testing platform allows you to check all of your infrastructure regularly across all facilities.

Test as frequently as you want to – daily, weekly, monthly!

Because networks, users, devices and applications constantly change expose vulnerabilities, it is critical to pen-test continually. Pcysys allows you to validate your cyber security posture as often as you need, keeping your guard up at all times.

Keep up with the latest hacking techniques

Malicious hackers constantly evolve their techniques and tools. It is therefore critical that your risk vailidation tools evolve as fast as the hackers. Pcysys assures that you match and evolve the depth of “off the books” pen-testing techniques.

Solution advantages

Always on, validating your defences like a hacker


Zero installations or network configurations


Press “play” and get busy doing other things while the pen-test progresses

Harmless exploits

Like a hacker we perform real exploits without disruption of service

Consistent execution

Re-test and validate your corrective actions consistently across your organisation

Attack vector visibility

See every step in the attack vector to understand the hackers view

Prioritised remediation

Get a clear packaged summary of the critical remediation steps to perform

Latest hacking techniques

Rest assured that your pen-testing techniques are the most current


Run penetration testing every day, week or whenever something changes