The world's first truly intelligent security awareness platform

This is the end of tick-box security awareness training:

Award-Winning Cyber security and data analytics software platform that intelligently helps businesses to improve their cyber security behaviour and reduce human cyber risk.

Security awareness training

Cybsafe is an essential part of contemporary security awareness campaigns driving real and lasting cultural change. It goes beyond ‘tick-box’ cyber security awareness training and engages people to address human cyber risk

Intelligent Phishing Simulation

Reduce phishing risks with interactive content and intelligent simulated attacks grounded in psychology and behaviour change theory. Cybsafe’s unique approach to countering phishing helps you to see and improve how your people respond to phishing attacks. It dosen’t just show you the level of suboptimal behaviour, but why it exists and what you need to address.

Risk Reduction Data and Metrics

Cybsafe is a data-driven analytical tool. It helps you understand, measure and reduce human cyber risk, making it easier to report risk to the board or other decision makers.


Brilliantly simple

Cloud-base SAAS platform with an intuitive learning experience – easy to understand and assimilate.

Developed by experts

Developed by a group of specialist with a broad range of expertise.

Advanced reporting

Track progress, visualise vulnerability and understand risk

AI-machine learning

Machine learning and NLP technologies make the platform increasingly “intelligent”, with threat based learning that personalises over time.

Cloud Based

Access Cybsafe content wherever you are and whenever you want.No software installation required

Modular content

Cybsafe is easy to deliver and simple to complete. With short structured modules – that can be completed in bite sized chunks, at times that best suit you.


What is Cybsafe

CybSafe is the world’s first intelligent cyber security and data analytics platform that enables you to quantify your human cyber risk and resilience, whilst measuring whether your awareness activities (such as training and phishing simulations) are actually working.
CybSafe does this in a way both information security professionals and executives can understand and provides data-driven insight that can be used to optimise awareness, behaviour and culture programs.
CybSafe is cyber security technology that fuses psychology and behavioural science with artificial intelligence and data science.

With content accredited by GCHQ, the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), the platform gives you access to easy-to-use CybSafe features

These enable you to deliver automated, personalised, threat-based awareness training and more impactful people-centric cyber security interventions with less dedicated resource, whilst saving money and in a way that is scientifically proven and measurable

It is an intelligent, data-driven approach to cyber security awareness that reduces the cost and complexity of administering a modern cyber security, data protection and privacy awareness program.

The blended use of innovative technology with scientific, evidenced-based design means that the platform uses AI-machine learning and NLP, psychology and behaviour change theory to increasingly deliver carefully tailored software experiences that optimise and personalise to users over time. This saves you time, money and is more effective

So, even if you’re just looking for progressive, measurable, accredited awareness training content or phishing simulations, CybSafe is a perfect way to start and gives you the option of so much more as your cyber security program matures.

And if you already engage in some awareness activity, the CybSafe platform can be used alongside your existing training and awareness solutions to ensure you get a much clearer and science-based indication of your return on investment and changes in behaviour – alongside improved cyber culture and risk reduction.