Cyber security solutions made simple

We have recently partnered with Heimdal, who are a rapidly growing international vendor offering some exciting new security technology for our customers, supported by an established team already here in the UK. They have a modular suite of powerful integrated technologies, helping you to secure your environment.

At the core of the platform is Thor Foresight which can be extended with a range of intuitive and easy to use integrated products for any environment.

How does Heimdal Ransomware protection actually work?

Heimdal Foresight offers 5-layers of Ransomware Protection​. You need layered protection to stop the most stubborn and persistent attack vectors and programs out there.

Wannacry, Teslacrypt or CryptoHOST are likely the most advanced malware in the world.​ ​Heimdal offers protection where antivirus products give up – offering Attack blocking, Patching, Exploit blocking, Dropper protection or key delivery filtering.​ ​Infections can happen either via vulnerabilities or via exploits delivered from legitimate website banners and go undetected by antivirus.​Once the exploits are executed, Malware droppers deliver the payload, which can avoid your antivirus. By doing so hackers bypass traditional endpoint protection.​


Heimdal uses the 5-layers to stop Ransomware attacks at different levels to mitigate this.

Already have an Anti-Virus product? 

Following on from their strength in depth principle, Heimdal will compliment your existing anti-virus solution, and work alongside it to offer you even more protection. Antivirus products and Thor Foresight complement one another. Leading antivirus products offer code threat detection and mitigation, and the core focus is after the system is compromised. Thor Foresight is the opposite, offering unique attack or leakage prevention capabilities and traffic layer and vulnerability prevention layers.​

What is the difference ?​

Thor Foresight focuses on network layer communication and uses vulnerability management stop attacks before they penetrate. Antivirus products focus on scanning file and memory for resident threats and code injection after it has penetrated. Thor Foresight is proactive, where antivirus is reactive.​

Does this work with any Antivirus?​

Yes, Thor Foresight works with any antivirus engine on the market. Their unique threat prevention engines, will stop new 2nd generation attacks that no antivirus is able to block.​ Thor Foresight is the unique next generation prevention that will add to any existing endpoint security you have.​

To learn more join us on our September 9th webinar with Heimdal where we will be covering in more detail their capabilities and provide an overview of the product suite.  To join us register here.