Simplification of application delivery

Microsoft and Unidesk are partnering to bring simplicity to the management of remote Windows desktops and applications, and empower users to run Windows apps anywhere. Unidesk is certified to enhance the following Microsoft solutions:

Unidesk software can deliver more applications with greater interoperability and less IT impact than any other application management solution. With Unidesk layering innovation, enterprises deploy virtual desktops and session hosts at half the cost, enhance end user computing service delivery, and gain the power to support Windows application mobility on any virtualization or cloud platform.

Explore how Unidesk can help you cost-effectively scale a specific end user computing platform, overcome image management and application delivery challenges in your industry, or solve a specific IT problem.

  • Microsoft VDI – Unidesk extends the Windows Server and Hyper-V platforms to make image management, application delivery, and virtual desktop provisioning with Microsoft RDS simple, scalable, and cost-effective.
  • Microsoft RDSH – Unidesk makes Remote Desktop Session Hosts (RDSH) easy to configure with different application combinations. Update single layers of Windows Server and apps no matter how many different silos you have.
  • Azure Remote Applications – Unidesk enables you to build custom images and upload them to Azure so you can publish Windows apps without building internal infrastructure.


Microsoft VDI + Unidesk: Better, Simpler and Half the Cost

Microsoft has chosen Unidesk as its application delivery and image management partner for Microsoft VDI and Azure. Unidesk layering innovation extends the Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V platforms to overcome the management challenges that face every VDI project:

  • One Windows instance to patch for all desktops – no more Gold Image Sprawl.
  • Application layering – the simpler, better way to deliver apps as virtual disks.
  • User personalization and IT manageability – no more tradeoffs.
  • Scalable RDS collection management – no more PowerShell scripting.
  • On-ramp to the cloud – extend VDI to Azure with the same management.

VDI That Costs Less Than New PCs. And 50% Less Than VDI Alternatives.

Why would you want to pay twice as much to deliver Windows desktops and apps, when you could be leveraging in-the-box Windows Server technology you may already own? Microsoft VDI and Unidesk cut desktop virtualization software licensing costs in half, finally making VDI more cost-effective than buying new PCs.