Archivo Sample News Item #2
16th April 2016

nScaled is a pioneer in cloud-based disaster recovery services, also known as recovery-as-a-service (RaaS). nScaled’s hybrid solution includes both an on-premises appliance as well as managed cloud data centers, providing customers with backup, continuity and archiving all in one solution.

nScaled’s customers include banks, law firms, hospitals, manufacturers, retailers, and universities – any organization that needs to be ready for the inevitable problems that lead to data or server loss, big or small.

Archivo decided to work with nScaled because their solution offers tremendous value for money. It’s cutting edge, yet totally reliable and their Cloud Hub is the easiest VMware management console available. Their rapidly growing list of customers convinced us that their recovery-as-a-service is a winner.”

As a value Added solution provider, the nScaled solution is an excellent addition to Archivo’s range of Managed Services, Archiving and Training solutions.

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