Archive Manager

Microsoft-centric Archiving

IT organisations walk a tight rope between keeping only the messaging data they need per their retention policies, keeping legal departments and executives happy and controlling exploding storage costs. Quickly searching for and producing electronically stored information (ESI) is essential to meeting regulatory or investigation requirements, but at what cost? How does an IT administrator ensure that relevant data is made available when it is needed?

Archive Manager is a platform for Microsoft-centric archiving. By capturing, indexing and storing a single instance of messaging data into a scalable and secure repository, IT administrators can be assured of lower storage costs, faster eDiscovery response and strict compliance through the preservation of businesscritical messaging data.

Lower Storage Costs

Archive Manager performs actions transparently on each mailbox based on policies. The policies include parameters such as message age, size, read or unread, etc. One of the actions Archive Manager performs is to strip an attachment from a message and just leave behind a small shell, or stub, of the message. Access to these messages is seamlessly provided through Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access and mobile devices and is accessed without the need to install additional client software. By reducing the storage volume of messaging data, users are freed from worrying about their mailbox quotas and administrators free to realise storage savings.

Reduce eDiscovery and Compliance Risk

With Archive Manager, organisations can quickly produce evidence for audits, investigations and litigation. Set granular permissions to retrieve items from particular mailboxes, or across the entire archive and perform fast searches based on sender, recipient, date, subject and message or attachment keyword. Flexible retention policies allow for granular control over what e-mail data remains in the archive. Policies can even operate in a “dry run” mode where policies will be executed but no deletions will occur. Legal Hold helps IT administrators put a double locked blanket hold on all retention for eDiscovery. Archive Manager helps reduce overall risk for organisations by consolidating distributed data, including messages contained in personal folder files (.PST). It also allows you to backfill the archive with historical data from current mailboxes and backup tapes.

Intelligently Share Data

Archive Manager facilitates the sharing of organisational knowledge that is locked up in e-mail, improving the productivity and increasing the effectiveness of your organisation. Archive Manager provides flexible access rights to e-mail, delivering virtual views of archived messages for easy collaboration, and allowing easy integration with external systems so that information can be leveraged by other business processes and business systems. Archive Manager’s Web Services Application Program Interface (API) makes it easy to access the information residing in the archive.

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