MailMeter File Archiver

What is FileArchiver?

Automatically removes files according to policies you set and frees up space on your expensive storage devices. It replaces the files with links to the file that was moved to the archive. It is seamless to applications and users.

Manage your company’s files in an efficient and space saving manner with File Archiver. Having a poorly maintained file management system can cause unnecessary headaches and create extra work that could cost you time and money. File Archiver takes these problems away and allows you to create a manageable file storage system. File Archiver is a policy based solution that allows you to create your own structures. You choose which files you monitor, archive or store. File Archiver creates a workable and understandable eco system for your files.

What FileArchiver Does


The reporting view of File Archiver allows you to view your files by server, owner, size, type, name – essentially any indicator you need – so that you can understand who or what is abusing your storage.


File Archiver goes through your current file database and purges your system of any unwanted or unnecessary files. This frees up huge amounts of storage and will help you to reclaim vital server storage


Sometimes you might want to keep hold of files. File Archiver allows you to archive files by protecting them and moving older versions of files to the archive space.


You can reclaim storage space without disrupting your users. Remove older files from file servers and replace them with an intelligent “stub” that automatically retrieves the original file from the archive.

File Archiver is designed to intelligently respond to policies that you set, depending on your needs. This frees up huge amounts of space for your company and allows you to cut down on expensive storage spaces.

What is FileAnalyzer?

File Analyzer allows you view your files in a way that suits you. FileAnalyzer scans your documents and allows you to view them by owner, server, type, size, location, name – however you need to view them, File Analyzer can help. Our clever file management tool allows you to produce comprehensive reports of your company’s data and makes it manageable again. File Analyzer gives you control over your file data.

What FileAnalyzer does

File Analyzer With File Archiver

As our file management system is a modular system you can also purchase File Archiver separately to complete your file management needs. Using File Archiver alongside File Analyzer allows you to manage your files in a complete and comprehensive manner.

What are the Benefits of using FileArchiver

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of Data

The TCO of data is up to 10 times the server cost. File Archiver will free up to 80% of your server for a fraction of the cost of a new server.

Powerful Reporting

The File Analyzer bundled with File Archiver will help you to see how your servers are being used with a configurable reporting engine.

Reduce Backup Times and Sizes

Implementing the Waterford Technologies File Archiver will cut your backup times and volume by between 20 and 50%

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