Imagine IT at the Flip of a Switch

IT leaders are under increased pressure to improve processes and reduce costs.  The need to innovate is causing businesses to rethink their entire IT strategy.  Businesses need IT to be different to survive the digital transformation.  IT must become more flexible, reliable, and responsive to business needs.

What if you could just turn IT on when you need it?  This is HyperGrid.  The technology simplifies your IT infrastructure and unites your Development and Operations teams.  Hypergrid helps you focus on innovation instead of operations – in your data centre or in the public cloud.  This is IT delivered to your data centre as a service. Plug us in and turn IT on.

HyperGrid delivers IT at the flip of a switch: A revolutionary new concept HyperConverged Infrastructure, HCI-as-a-Service (“HCIaaS”) is the industry’s first and only container-based application aware offering that brings the simplicity and ease-of-use of HCI together with a pay-as-you-consume pricing model that scales elastically.   HCIaaS delivers “one-click” automated application deployment and management seamlessly across any cloud or container infrastructure. Enterprises can now enjoy all the benefits of the public cloud at better rates without fear of vendor lock-in.  HCIaaS solves the key challenges of DevOps for Enterprises – allowing for both traditional and cloud-native applications to be containerised, managed and deployed with a single tool, dramatically simplifying IT and bridging the needs of both developers and IT operators.  HyperGrid solutions unleash innovation for the Digital Enterprise.


HyperConverged Infrastructure-As-A-Service (HCIaaSTM)

HyperGrid HyperConverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service (HCIaaS) provides the greatest flexibility for developers and IT operations without ownership or lease liabilities, all through a service and opex fees. It is delivered via an open, distributed platform with a pay-for-usage model that requires no upfront costs. HCIaaS can be deployed on premises or through a qualified partner MSP.

Key Benefits

  • Speed and rapid time to market
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Elastic scalability
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in

Private or MSP Cloud

A private cloud or managed service provider (MSP) cloud built with HyperGrid all-flash HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) embraces the DevOps model for increased IT agility with elastic scaling. Delivering application development and deployment that is easier, more secure, and has all-flash performance, HyperGrid HCI offers a low-cost, high-value alternative to VMware-based Clouds or Amazon Web Services.

  • Meet SLAs with true quality of service (QoS) per VM
  • Self-encrypting drives offers end-to-end security for sensitive data
  • Greatly reduce CapEx and OpEx via migration to Hyper-V

HyperGrid HCI Benefits for Private or MSP Cloud

  • Pay-for-Usage Model – drastically lowers  total cost of ownership
  • Rapid Deployment – less than a day to be up and running (includes replacing outdated equipment with all-flash architecture that is up to 10X faster with 75% smaller footprint than traditional infrastructure)
  • QoS Controls on Every VM – less important workloads can’t interfere with critical ones
  • Customise for Workloads – granular configuration of CPU/RAM/storage
  • Built for a DevOps Model – Microsoft Cloud with Azure integration delivers a future proof solution
  • Inline Erasure Encoding – better than first-generation HCI, this protects data before it leaves the host, eliminating the need for replicas which require 50% more storage and system load
  • Simple Administration – native Windows Server integration leverages existing skills and processes
  • Modular Scaling – grow as your organization grows by incrementally adding nodes (computer or storage) – up to 256 in a single grid.

Why Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI)?

CIOs are looking for solutions that will simplify their data center operations, allowing seamless growth and reduced operational expenditures (OpEx), without sacrificing performance and security. HCIs offer vast improvements in scalability, performance, management and VM density over converged infrastructure solutions, which are often various pieces of disparate equipment in the same rack. Implemented in modules or nodes, hyper-converged systems are much simpler to expand as storage or compute power is required.

Hypergrid: Data Center in a Box

A single Hypergrid all-flash HCA delivers the resources to run a data center – each appliance has four independent nodes with configurable cores, RAM, NICs and flash storage (select from configurations tailored to workloads).