Smarter Infrastructure Solutions

Pivot3 builds simple, intelligent and automated hyperconverged infrastructure solutions to support any workload, any datacenter initiative and any IT environment, whether on-premise, edge or public cloud. Pivot3 is the only hyperconverged infrastructure provider with an Intelligence Engine that eliminates resource contention, automates data and workload mobility, prioritises resources to your most important workloads and lets you consolidate them on one infrastructure with confidence.
Optimized to streamline IT operations, the Pivot3 Datacenter Series is architected for performance, scale and simplicity with NVMe flash and policy-based intelligence for confidently supporting multiple application workloads on-premise and the flexibility to easily integrate with public clouds.

Game-Changing Business Advantages

Pivot3 Delivers More Value than Other HCI Solutions            


Reduce costs and complexity by consolidating multiple applications, including mission critical, on a common infrastructure. With a multi-tier architecture powered by NVMe flash and optimized by our Intelligence Engine, Pivot3 Datacenter Series delivers consistent, predictable performance and simplified management, whether your strategy is on-premises or hybrid cloud.


9x the performance

With Multi-tier, distributed scale-out architecture powered by NVMe flash.

25% Less Hardware

To support more VM’s, more users and more transactions with a smaller footprint.

62% lower latency

For accelerated application response times, faster decision making and higher productivity.

3x VM density

For the confidence to consolidate more VM’s per node and a better ROI.

99.9999% availability

For highly resilient systems that eliminate downtime and loss of data.

82% useable capacity

For industry leading storage efficiency that far exceeds replication or RAID based solutions.



Key Features and Benefits

Exceed User and Business Expectations



Increase Productivity and Revenue
Pivot3’s Intelligence Engine prioritizes resources to the mission-critical workloads that drive revenue and employee productivity

Reduce Costs and Complexity
NVMe flash performance and Intelligence Engine enable consolidation of multiple, mixed workloads with differing performance needs on a single HCI platform.

Improve Datacenter Efficiency and ROI
Patented erasure coding provides data protection while ensuring storage efficiency and performance is maximized for your business.

Increase Application Performance
With 9X the performance of other solutions, including 62% faster response time, Pivot3’s NVMe flash design eliminates performance and latency issues.

Lower Datacenter Footprint and Costs
Pivot3 supports 2-3X the application density per appliance when compared to other solutions, slashing the hardware needed, and delivering the lowest TCO and best ROI.

Seamless Integration with Public Clouds
Intelligent automation of data and workload mobility with policy-based management, simplifies expanding on-premise IT with public cloud resources.