Disaster Recovery

We think of disasters being big and often natural events – hurricanes, earthquakes, explosions.  Because of this we have a tendency to think there’s no real likelihood they will ever happen to us.  The reality however, is less dramatic, but actually much scarier. In the IT world, disasters technically happen much more often. They’re also not necessarily singular events as much as they’re domino effects.

It might start with a malfunction in a given system, which after an hour or two of investigation turns out to be a failing board which happens to be a model that’s been discontinued by the original manufacturer. Add another hour or two to find a supplier who actually has a replacement unit or three in stock. Add 24 hours for it to be rushed overnight to the problem site. And meanwhile, service after service starts to fail. The Helpdesk starts clogging with tickets even after IT’s sent out an All-Hands Advisory. They know what problems people are having already without even having to read them, but they open up and respond to them anyway out of courtesy, while they wait for the package to arrive ASAP. And maybe it’s a welcome distraction from considering about how much of the company’s cash and productivity might be getting lost while it’s in transit.

With a platform like ours, problems like these are easily remedied.  Either fail over into the cloud or onto a Local appliance (physical or virtual) and then back again upon getting the replacement hardware or use it as an opportunity to migrate a recovered server to you Virtual infrastructure.

Don’t wait for a malfunction to escalate – contact us and find out how we can help you plan for a successful outcome.

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery, is a space riddled with traps.  At worst it suffers from a number of myths and tendencies towards a “fingers crossed” approach (it won’t happen to us), leading to companies taking unnecessary risks with their assets.  Or a substantial waste of money in the replication of hardware that has to be refreshed on a regular basis. There are fundamental differences between back-up – having your data available to be recovered, (stored off site etc.)  and disaster recovery – having the data and infrastructure available to implement the recovery of an entire IT infrastructure in a timely fashion and DRaaS is the most cost effective solution to do this.

With our DRaaS solution we can simplify your DR Planning and processes which typically include the following: